Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, one Baby Foot pack contains two socks - one for each foot.

No, one pack of Baby Foot is for single use only.

Check out our page on how to use Baby Foot for detailed instructions. After the application of Baby Foot remember to wet your feet thoroughly each day (a shower is insufficient here). While feet are wet, rub them with your hands to commence peeling.

Yes, you can use Baby Foot when conditions such as corns, tinea or psoriasis are evident. Baby Foot is able to help with the management of such skin conditions.

We do not advise playing intense sport immediately after the application of Baby Foot since the layer of dead skin on your feet is beginning to soften and more prone to peeling, and the new layer of skin underneath is more sensitive. 

No, you apply Baby Foot once by soaking your feet for two hours.  It can take between 5-10 days for you to see results and your feet begin to peel. This can take up to two weeks, although results will vary. 

Baby Foot is perfect for people who have dry, rough feet or have cracked heels. However, the lotion may cause stinging if you have cuts and cracks on your feet, so please try a patch test first.

Definitely. Once you have soaked your feet for two hours in the socks, wash your feet carefully.

You can walk a small amount if necessary, but we recommend limiting movement as much as possible when using Baby Foot - please also be aware of the possibility of leakage.

We advise people not to use moisturisers while their feet are peeling. However, if the dryness is very bad it is possible to moisturise your feet lightly with an oil-free product. 

Your feet will usually begin to peel after 1-2 weeks and be completed within three weeks. However, results are different for everyone and your feet may begin to peel within 2-14 days. During the 7-10 day period after your application it is important to make sure you wet your feet thoroughly each day. While you are doing this, rub your feet with your hand to stimulate the peeling, but do not use a foot paddle or brush. 

Absolutely. If you applied Baby Foot and saw no results we recommend you try again after four weeks. If the skin on your feet is extremely thick it may take 2-3 applications for it to achieve the desired results and settle in to the quarterly application process. Results do vary for each person.

When this happens, the gel may not have been distributed enough to the areas of the foot that needed a higher level of concentration. Once you have the socks on, make sure you distribute the gel to the areas that need the most attention.

You must limit the amount you walking you do when using Baby Foot
Do not allow this product to make contact with your eyes (If the gel makes contact with your eyes rinse them immediately and thoroughly with saline or water and consult your doctor)
Do not expose this product to extremely high temperatures
Do not use this product near a naked flame
Please keep out of reach of children
We recommend a patch test before use
Please avoid use on skin which is predisposed to allergies or if you have sensitive skin
Please discontinue use if there is any swelling, itchiness, inflammation or other skin symptoms
We do not recommend use if you are diabetic
We do not recommend use if you are pregnant or breast feeding
Please consult your doctor if you have persistent symptoms