• Step One

    Before using Baby Foot, wash your feet with soap and water, then soak them for about 15 minutes. This will soften the skin thus allowing maximum penetration of the gel. Next, dry your feet off and pop them in the booties.

  • Step Two

    Use the provided tape to secure the booties to the foot. Wear the sock packs for one house to allow the product to absorb. Wearing socks over the booties can help keep the gel close to the skin. Avoid walking around.

  • Step Three

    Remove the booties and wash your feet thoroughly with soap to remove the gel.
    Continue to soak your feet daily in water until the peeling process has completed (up to three weeks).

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To get maximum results from your Baby Foot we highly recommend the following:

  • Remove nail polish from toenails before applying a Baby Foot treatment.
  • After you've completed the treatment, soak your feet in water daily to activate the peeling process. This is essential as water activates Baby Foot.
  • Your feet will feel dry, however avoid applying lotions or foot creams. This will slow down the process.
  • Avoid picking at peeling skin, especially if it is not yet ready to come off.
  • Continue use of Baby Foot every 3-4 months to ensure beautiful feet all year round.


How often can I use Baby Foot?

If your feet have a lot of dry skin build-up, you can do a second round after four weeks. For maintenance, use Baby Foot once every two months.

How long does it take Baby Foot to work?

After using Baby Foot, you can expect your feet to start peeling within three to seven days. Once the process begins, it should take seven to 10 days for your feet to fully peel. Results may vary between individuals. After applying your Baby Foot treatment, ensure your feet are thoroughly soaked on a daily basis to activate the process.

Will Baby Foot work faster if you remove the skin with your fingers or a foot file?

It’s tempting to want to “help” the peeling process along with your fingers or a foot file, but it’s not a good idea. You could remove skin before it’s ready, leaving the area raw, sore and exposed. Instead, rub your feet gently with your hands after bathing to encourage the peeling process

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